My name is Kimberly Pilapil Maragañas . I am from the Philippines. This blog has been active since November 2011. It's been a long time, right? Anyways, I usually post pastel, fashion and girly photos. I also make quality tumblr themes that are free to use. I also make scroll to tops that I give out for free to the public. I also love to write. You might as well consider me as a writing hobbyist since I have a personal blog which is where I post my writing works and some poems. I hope you do enjoy your stay here in my blog.By the way I also love to edit photos to post on tumblr. I also make fansigns and banners for eeryone. I love clothers. I love books. I love Evan Crooks hahaha. I know I am such a random person. Okay. That's all. Oh and another thing. This is a pink tumblr blog or you can say this is a pink pastel blog. . There are times that I might as well be a fashion blog since I love fashion as well.I:)
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Kim, a blogger from the Philippines that post fashion and girly photos. She also makes free tumblr themes and tutorials.

Kim. 17. Ph. Dvo.



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i actually went outside today

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i actually went outside today

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